How to find files by content under *nix.

Схоже, що це найпотрібніша інформація. Цей пост я перепощую вже третій раз. Треба буде цю інформацію інтегрувати у попередній пост про шпаргалку команд у лінуксі.

А поки насолджуйтеся окремим постом.

grep command : print lines matching a pattern.

find command: search for files in a directory hierarchy.

grep command to find files by content

Type the command as follows:

grep ‘string’ *.txt

grep ‘main(’ *.c

grep ‘#include<example.h>’ *.c

grep ‘getChar*'*.c

grep -i ‘ultra’ *.conf

grep -iR ‘ultra’ *.conf

Where -i: Ignore case distinctions in both the PATTERN (match valid, VALID, ValID string) and the input files (math file.c FILE.c FILE.C filename).

-R: Read all files under each directory, recursively

Highlighting searched patterns

You can highlight patterns easily while searching large number of files:

$ grep –color=auto -iR ‘getChar();’ *.c

You may also need to display filenames and numbers:

$ grep –color=auto -iRnH ‘getChar();’ *.c

Where -n: Prefix each line of output with the 1-based line number within its input file.

-H: Print the file name for each match. This is the default when there is more than one file to search.

$ grep –color=auto -nH ‘DIR’ ./*

You can also use find command:

$ find . -name “*.c” -print | xargs grep “main("")"))