Playing with Fonts and Selfhosting

- alpha-century

Finally I got some time to make my space 100% self hosted. Last thing to move in was custom fonts. But as it turns out this is no more difficult then hosting css or js files. Every free font is already have prepared css to use.

You can ask why keep everything in one place? Because if someone hack thirdparty cdn or master repo I will don’t give a fuck about it. The only place to watch for is my hosting. That way it’s more secure.

And by entering my space no third party requests are made. So no g****** or f***b*** are watching you.

In case of apocalypse my space will go on ;-)

I choose Inter, as main font and Fira Code, as monospace font, mostly for code.

For different code highlight - highlight.js.

Here is a few useful things I found during this update: